Chalk Talk – Episode 47 – The “Warm Up” – What, Why & How?

"Athlete doing a mobility movement"

Chalk Talk – Episode 47 – The “Warm Up” – What, Why & How?

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‘We only have so much time, let’s skip the warm up!’ Before you go racing past the warm up, consider what it provides far past just getting ‘warm.’

Coach Bres talks about how the warm up is an integral part of your training, no matter how much time you have in a given session.

Time Stamps: 
  • Why Is Warm Up Important (1:40 – 5:00)
  • ‘It Does Not Have To Take Forever’ – Finding Ways to Be Efficient (5:00 – 7:45)
  • Make The Warm Up PART of your workout, not the precursor (7:45 – 10:30)
  • Starting To Think The Actual Parts Of What The Start Of Your Workout Should Look Like (10:30 -11:00)
  • Light Aerobic Movement (11:00 – 13:40)
  • Dynamic Warm Up (13:40 – 17:20)
  • Versions of Static Mobility (17:20 – 26:20)
  • Activation (26:20 – 32:00)
  • Working ROM (32:00 – 35:15)
  • Getting Ready – Body Vs Movements (35:15 – 38:00)
  • Perspective of What You Are Trying To Accomplish (38:00 – 43:13)

Check out Trent Clausen Instant Activity Examples in his most recent article.

Check out how Billy Hewig has everyone do warm up together at North High School. 

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