Chalk Talk – Episode 46 – Evolving Curriculum feat. Bo Shappell and Daniella Land

Bo Shappell and Daniella Land

Chalk Talk – Episode 46 – Evolving Curriculum feat. Bo Shappell and Daniella Land 

When Bo Shappell set out to re-think his PE curriculum, he ended up co-authoring a book with his wife Daniella Land. Now the two are proud authors of ‘All In -The Mindset Of Fitness’ and creators of WE Integrated.

This episode focuses on balancing PE curriculums with competitive team sports and individualized activities (like yoga).


Time Stamps: 
  • Introduction to Bo Shappell and Daniella Land – Husband and Wife Duo (00:00 – 2:56) 
  • ‘What am I working on myself? And how can I contribute that to others?’ – Daniella (2:56 -3:30)
  • ‘Wonderful Role Models. Passion For Teaching and Love For Sport’ – Bo (3:30 – 4:00)
  • All In – The Mindset Of Fitness – Bo and Daneilla’s book that shaped Bo’s evolved curriculum (4:00 – 8:11) 
  • Balancing PE – Competitive Team Sports and Individualized Activity (8:11 – 11:00) 
  • Potential Of PE – Inner World (11:00 – 14:50) 
  • Where Do You Feel It In Your Body (14:50 – 16:30) 
  • Teaching Yoga In PE (16:30 – 21:05) 
  • Starting Somewhere – Takeaways For Setting Up (21:05 – 23:30) 
  • Open To Change – Starting To Teach New Things – Langauge Is Key (23:30 – 25:59) 
  • Advice and Guidance For Other Teachers (26:00 – 31:00)
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