Chalk Talk – Episode 45 – Supplements – Part 2: Creatine and Pre-Workout

# 45 – Supplements – Part 2: Creatine and Pre-Workout

Student-athletes excited about training often turn to supplements for a competitive edge.

On Part 2, we discuss the pros and cons of creatine and pre-workout.

If you have not checked out part 1 on protein you can do so here: Supplements – Part 1: Protein.


Time Stamps: 
Part 2: Creatine (Minutes Linked to Youtube Videos)
  • History Of Creatine (0:002:30)
  • Hiding Creatine In Cars, Associated Like Steroids – Could Not Be Farther From (3:305:00)
  • All The Things Creatine Is Used For and Good For (5:008:00)
  • Who Would or Should Take Creatine (8:0012:20)
  • Be Careful What You Recommend – Education (12:2014:00)
  • Before You Take Creatine, Have You Taken Care Of Everything Else (14:0016:00)
  • Small Edge, Not Game Changer (16:0017:30)
  • It Is Safe – But Is It Worth Your Money (17:3019:53)
Part 2: Pre-Workout (Minutes Linked to Youtube Videos)
  • The Power Of Pre-Workout – But Wait! (0:002:30)
  • Sneaking Pre-Workout – Pounding C4 (2:304:20)
  • Caffeine – A Cup Of Coffee or 4 in Pre-Workout ( 4:207:15)
  • The Gray Area of Pre-Workout (7:159:00)
  • Nitric Oxide -Blood Flow – Trying To Get A Good Pump (9:0014:00)
  • All The Other Things in Pre-Workout (14:0015:30)
  • Directing Your Diet – What Are You Maybe Missing (15:3017:30)
  • Identify Why Kids Think They NEED supplement of pre-workout (17:3019:00)
  • Are You Comfortable With HS Kids Pump Caffeine? (19:0021:30)
  • Deficiencies Of Diet – All These Pills, But What Are They Good For? (21:3024:42)
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