Chalk Talk – Episode 24 – Hoop Talk – Basketball Takeover with Tyler Relph

EP 24 - Tyler Relph

Tyler Relph

Tyler Relph, named “Mr. Basketball” and was recruited to play in the Big East. In 2009 he was ready to take on the pros when a career ending injury made him discover his next passion while Coaching Division 1 at St Bonaventure. He fell in love with working with players and studying how to make players better! Tyler now works relentlessly to create and coach the best players in the world through his innovative skills training. Since then he’s trained more than 10,000 players, including Amare Stoudemire,Phil Pressey,Victor Oladipo, Marcus Smart,Phil Forte, Ridge Shipley, Julius Randle, Alexis Jones, Diamond DeShields, Tyler Davis , DJ Hogg, Karl Towns and worked with legendary coaches such as Billy Donavan, Avery Johnson, and John Lucas.

Chalk Talk – Episode 24 – Hoop Talk – Basketball Takeover with Tyler Relph 

Tyler Relph, basketball trainer, has worked with every level athlete from middle school ballers up to NBA superstars like Julius Randle and Amar’e Stoudemire. 

This basketball takeover is a free-flowing conversation about basketball, greatness, and what it takes to be elite. 

Check out Tyler’s Instagram. 

Time Stamps: 
Part 1: Work versus Hard Work 
  • Introduction to Tyler Relph (1:00-4:30)
  • Every Person Learns Differently – Meet the Kid (4:30-9:20) 
  • The Hard Truth’s About Talent (9:20-13:30) 
  • When The Light Clicks (13:30-17:20)
  • Lessons Learned From Sports – Difference Between Work and Hard Work (17:20-23:50)
Part 2: Specialization and Love For The Game 
  • Specialization of Sport (24:50-29:00) 
  • Hyper-Specialization  (29:00- 32:30) 
  • The Emotional Side Of Buying In Unconditionally (32:30 – 37:30)
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