Chalk Talk – Episode 23 – S+C Coaches Are Educators feat. Tobias Jacobi

EP 23
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Tobias Jacobi

  • Assistant Athletic Director – Strong Rock Christian School
  • Physical Education Department Head – Strong Rock Christian School
  • NHSSCA Editor of Print and Video Content
  • NHSSCA Georgia State Director
  • 2018 NHSSCA HIgh School Strength and Conditioning Coach of the Year

Chalk Talk – Episode 23 – Strength Coaches Are Eduactors feat. Tobias Jacobi 

“If you are in the weight room teaching or coaching students, then you are a strength coach.” PE Teachers, Sports Coaches, and Strength Coaches are all trying to do what is best for their students.
Tobias Jacobi talks about strength coaches being seen as the educators they truly are.
Time Stamps: 
Part 1: 
  • Going From Being A D1 College Strength Coach to Middle + High School (1:00 – 4:14)
  • Searching For The Logo? Reorganizing Priorities (4:14 – 9:00) 
  • Strength Coaches Are Educators – Using Terminology (9:00 – 12:30) 
  • STEM In The Weight Room (12:30 – 16:30)
  • Would You Take Calculus Before Algebra (16:30 – 18:08) 
Part 2:
  • Every High School Is Different – Talk To Each Other  (19:10 – 23:00)
  • High School PE Teacher In Weight Room? – High School Strength Coach (23:00 – 26:10) 
  • Twitter Battles – Approach Coaches Positively (26:10 -30:42) 
  • We All Want to Help Kids (30:42 – 32:20) 
  • Most Kids Want To Get Better At Sports – Not Lifting Weights – Keep That In Mind (32:20 – 34:00) 
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