Chalk Talk – Episode 18 – HS S&C “The Beast” Feat. Mike Winkler CSCS

Chalk Talk EP 18 - Mike Winkler

Chalk Talk – Episode 18 – HS Strength & Conditioning “The Beast” Feat. Mike Winkler CSCS

High School Strength and Conditioning is unlike any other level of S+C. Coach Mike Winkler, CSCS has spent time at the college and pro level but has embraced the beast of HS Strength & Conditioning. Mike Winkler is the Director of Strength and Conditioning at Archbishop Hoban High School (OH), the NHSSCA Ohio State Director, and recognized as the NHSSCA Regional Strength Coach of the Year.  Coach Winkler talks about growing bonds in the weight room, educating other sport coaches, and the power of the NHSSCA.  Check out Archbishop Hoban’s Weight Room. And follow them on Twitter @Hoban_Strength. 
Time Stamps: 
Part 1: Building A Program
  • Building A Bond In The Weight Room  (1:00-3:20)
  • Mike Winkler’s Background and Move To High School (3:20-6:55)
  • Keep The Team Together – Do Different Things (6:55-9:45) 
  • Educate Coaches – If You Teach It, They Will Come….“You want to work with everyone. But DON’T RUSH” (9:45-16:40)
  • Manging Multi-Sport Athletes (16:40-19:30) 
Part 2: NHSSCA
  • NHSSCA – For HS Strength Coaches, By HS Strength Coaches (20:15- 22:45)
  • 2-3 Phone Calls A Week – Mentorship and Relationships (22:45-24:50)
  • Addressing High School S+C – The Dream (24:50-30:10)
  • Signing Off (30:10-31-31:40)  
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