Chalk Talk – Episode 17 – Stressed Out – Finding Balance in PE

Chalk Talk EP17 - Balance in PE

Chalk Talk – Episode 17 – Stressed Out – Finding Balance in PE 

Students are more stressed-out than ever before. Where in their lives can we help them find balance? Physical Education.  Molly Collins, PE Teacher, talks about building relationships, being vulnerable, and understanding that not every day is perfect….for students or teachers.  This episode is sponsored by the PLT4M Essay Contest. Students across the country have the chance to think and write creatively as to why PE is important to them this October. 
Time Stamps: 
Part 1: Activity + Relationships: 
  • Molly Collins Introduction (1:00-2:52)
  • Kids are Stressed: Facts and Feelings Behind It (2:52-5:57)
  • Building Relationships. Seeing The Whole Picture of Students “I don’t forget this is a WELLNESS class.” (5:57-9:50)
  • Storytime with Collins: Being Vulnerable For Your Students (9:50-12:20)
  • Knowing When to Adjust “You can observe a lot just by watching”-Yogi Bera  (12:20-17:30) 
  • Meeting Them At The Door…Growing Relationships (17:30-19:30)
Go check out Molly’s article “The New Age of PE: Purpose, Passion and Pride”
Part 2: Flexibility + Feedback: 
  • Making Changes Mid Class – Trial and Error..But Never Forget the Music (19:30-24:20) 
  • Stretching For Recovery Assignment: Responses and Results (25:20-29:00)
  • The Science Behind Stress (29-33:20)  
Bonus: Brody James: A Dog’s Life (33:40-40:31) 
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