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Health education resources provided by Catch Global Foundation

PLT4M has partnered with CATCH Global Foundation, a trusted resource for educators and leading expert in school-based children’s health and wellness programs for grades Pre-K through 12. The goal of this partnership is to help equip PLT4M users with high-quality health-related lesson plans and materials. Learn more about this exciting partnership!


About CATCH Global Foundation


“Founded in 2014 with support from the University of Texas School of Public Health and MD Anderson Cancer Center, CATCH Global Foundation (“CATCH”) is a leading expert in the development and dissemination of school-based children’s health and wellness programs that are evidence-based and evidence-informed. CATCH offers curriculum aligned with national standards for grades Pre-K through 12 that focus on health and physical education, social-emotional learning, youth vaping prevention, sun safety, and oral health. Additionally, CATCH provides professional development training to thousands of educators each year and reaches over 3 million youth annually in the United States and internationally. Visit to learn more.”

About PLT4M

PLT4M is a curriculum and technology platform founded in 2012 by a team of former teachers and coaches. Our goal is support school communities with high-quality resources that have a direct impact on student success. PLT4M’s wellness platform provides personalized PE lesson plans, real-time progress monitoring, and more to deliver a comprehensive fitness education in units like strength training, yoga, dance fitness, bootcamp, pilates, and nutrition education. We seek  to support educators as they prepare the next generation for a lifetime of physical literacy, and kids as they lay the foundation that will shape their relationship with health, fitness, and wellness forever.

PLT4M & Catch Global Foundation are partners in health education.

CATCH Global Foundation & PLT4M Partnership

When it comes to supporting students in the pursuit of healthier lifestyles, CATCH Global Foundation and PLT4M have a shared belief in the power of collaboration. Together, the two organizations have partnered to raise awareness and provide new opportunities for physical education teachers to have access to high-quality health resources.


Now, PLT4M users can explore CATCH programs focused on health, social-emotional learning, and youth vaping prevention in order to engage your students in curriculum that is fun and proven to promote positive health behaviors. With this partnership, PLT4M customers can access CATCH materials on the program page in their accounts.


Check out the opportunities and programs provided by CATCH that PLT4M customers can now explore.

Health Ed Journeys

Health Ed Journeys is a comprehensive K-8 health education curriculum covering national health education standards. It provides a 36-week scope and sequence for health education in schools, spanning the topics of:

  • Foundational Health Literacy

  • Nutrition & Physical Activity

  • Physical Health & Hygiene

  • Mental Health

  • Substance Misuse Prevention

  • Injury & Violence Prevention & Safety

SEL Journeys


SEL Journeys, an evidence-informed K-12 program, provides age-differentiated lessons aligned to the CASEL Framework for Systemic Social and Emotional Learning. 


SEL core competencies include: 

  • Self-awareness and self-management

  • Responsible decision-making

  • Relationship skills

  • Social awareness


SEL Journeys uses movement and cultural learning to teach and reinforce social-emotional learning concepts via a highly engaging digital platform. Movement activities are inspired by dances from around the world and curriculum has been informed by careful research and consultation with cultural experts for each genre.

CATCH My Breath


CATCH My Breath is a nationally recognized and evidence-based youth vaping prevention program for students in grades 5-12. It is proven to prevent the initiation of vaping among students by up to 46%. 


Developed by researchers at the University of Texas Health Science Center at Houston (UTHealth) School of Public Health, it is the only school-level youth vaping prevention program listed by the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA) to address e-cigarette use and vaping among youth. 


CATCH My Breath consists of: 

  • 4 unique lessons for each grade group (5, 6, 7-8, and 9-12),  approximately 35-minutes each

  • Each session includes a lesson plan with learner outcomes and a detailed outline of directions

  • All materials include corresponding PowerPoint presentations

  • Parent resources in English and SpanishCATCH Educators’ Club

Catch Educators’ Club 


CATCH Educators’ Club is a free resource that connects educators, builds community, and provides tools for educators to help promote a culture of health in their schools. Such tools include:


  • Free sample lessons and resources from various CATCH program offerings

  • Featured resources, ranging from classroom activities and family engagement materials to mental health and self-care resources created with your well-being in mind

  • Ongoing access to a featured “Dance of the Month” (part of our SEL Journeys program) — easy, fun lessons for dances from around the world!

  • Opportunities to join meaningful discussions and swap ideas about trending topics with other educators via our “Community Buzz” page

  • Inspiration from like-minded educators in our Partner Spotlight

  • VIP invitations and discounts on various CATCH events and professional learning opportunities throughout the year

  • A free email subscription to “Bite Size Wellness” (opt out any time)

Key Takeaways on CATCH Global Foundation & PLT4M Partnership

Comprehensive Child wellness requires a coordinated approach across organizations and school communities. As CATCH Global Foundation and PLT4M continue to impact and improve child wellness across the US for future generations, this partnership demonstrates our two organizations on-going commitment to the whole child model and student wellness.


Be on the lookout for more content, curriculum, and resources!

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