# 97 – Breathing 101 feat. Coach Lulu Emmons

Chalk Talk – Episode# 97 – Breathing 101 feat. Coach Lulu Emmons

Inhale. Exhale. Most of us go the whole day without even thinking about our breathing.

Coach Lulu Emmons (PLT4M Yoga Instructor) helps us break down the basics behind breathing. Lulu then defines open and closed mouth breathing. We finish up the episode by talking about some basic breathing exercises anyone can give a try!

Time Stamps:

  • Inhale & Exhale – Same Tempo Goal (1:00)
  • Open Mouth Breathing (3:40)
    • For your open mouth breathing, the goal is to inhale through the nose, and open mouth exhale using your belly to push the air out. The goal is to feel all the air come out as you exhale. (This is often to release heat and energy from your body during yoga.)
  • Closed Mouth Breathing (5:00)
    • For closed mouth breathing – inhale through your nose, keeping your lips sealed, constrict muscles in the back of your throat and then exhale back out through your nose. You are going to hear an almost oceanic sound as you exhale through your nose. (This is often done during warm up to build heat in your body).
  • Mindfulness Activity – Breathing (9:00)
    • Challenges of meditation. Count as you inhale, count as you exhale.
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