Using PLT4M With A Projector

Using PLT4M With A Projector

Do you have a projector in your gymnasium or fitness space that you can use?
PLT4M has tons of ‘projector appropriate’ content and curriculum you display to your students!
Check it out!

Programs Spotlighted in the Video

  • Fit101: Intro To Fitness (15 Lessons)
    • An introduction to all things movement and fitness! The aim of this program is to provide each and every student a foundation upon which they can develop their personal fitness or performance training moving forward. We seek to cement proper mechanics through all of the fundamental human movements, begin to develop relative strength & mobility while also introducing the concept of capacity.
  • YOG101: Intro To Yoga (12 Lessons)
    • An introduction to the basics of yoga! We seek to develop a strong foundation in the basic areas of yoga that include standing, twisting, balancing, hips, spine, and core poses. This program seeks to onboard students of all backgrounds to yoga for the first time with in-depth movement introductions and practice. The big focus of our yoga program is education without the intimidation that yoga can sometimes bring!  The program culminates in student’s first experiences with longform standard yoga flows and routines.
  • MOB101: Mastering Mobility (26 Lessons)
    • Mastering Mobility features End Range Stretching sessions aimed at improving flexibility and range of motion. Throughout the program we use a variety of positions to target key muscles and joints, all with the end goal of making you more mobile and dynamic!

Plenty More Where That Came From

You could also project many of our other programs!

Not only that, we are continuing to build out the content and curriculum teachers can project in their classrooms. We are currently working out an Intro To Yoga Flow program (Continuation of Intro To Yoga!!), Intro To Barre, Intro To Dance Fitness, and more!

Projectors & PLT4M In Action

Check out the different ways schools are using PLT4M and projectors!

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