# 89 – Building On Success feat. Rachel Ryden & Stephanie Fornander

Chalk Talk – Episode # 89 – Building On Success feat. Rachel Ryden & Stephanie Fornander

Rachel Ryden and Stephanie Fornander have built such a successful strength and conditioning program within Boise High School PE & Athletics there is a waitlist! The two teachers and coaches join Chalk Talk to break down what their program was like before, during, and looking forward through Covid.

Time Stamps

  • Introduction To Rachel Ryden – 12th Year At Boise High (1:30)
  • Introduction To Stephanie Fornander – 4th Year at Boise (22 Years of Total Teaching Experience) (2:00)
  • Before Covid – The Brave Cave and Culture of S+C (3:00)
  • Everyone Is Involved – Male, Female, Athlete and General Physical Education (6:00)
  • Buy In From Colleagues – Admins and Fellow Coaches & Teachers…Even Parents (9:20)
  • What Happened When It All Went Remote? Lifts & Modifications – Hitting Different Levels (14:00)
  • Meeting The Needs Of Younger Students (22:15)
  • Crossing Over & Knowing What To Expect with PLT4M (25:20)
  • Biggest Challenge – Fostering the culture at home…environment (27:00)
  • What Comes Next? Hybrid S+C (32:30)
    Empowering all of the parts in place (

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