# 88 – Strength – It’s For Everyone

Chalk Talk – Episode # 88 – Strength – It’s For Everyone

We have talked a lot about the power of fitness for everyone, and many instinctively agree….except when it comes to ‘weight’ training. With quite a few misconceptions when it comes to strength and weight training, we discuss who it is for…EVERYONE!

Time Stamps:

  • Some love it, others avoid it…Why? (1:30)
  • Elevator Pitch – Who is it for? (3:00)
  • Benefits of Resistance Training (6:00)
  • When is it safe to start ‘strength’ or ‘resistance’ training? (10:00)
  • Less about age. More about mental and emotional maturity (15:00)
  • What about barbells? Is there a cut off for certain types of Strength Training (20:30)
  • The two buckets – athletes and non-athletes….changing the conversation (26:00)
  • Safety Concerns – Worried about kids getting hurt (29:30)
  • “I don’t want to bulk up!!!” (37:40)
  • See for yourself! Game of trial and error…(45:00)
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