# 71 Cardio – What Is It Good For

Chalk Talk – Episode 71 – Cardio – What Is It Good For 

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‘My lineman should not be running miles!’ ‘My sprinters are going for long slow runs – ah!’  We break down cardio and why it is an important part of a well-rounded training program.

Time Stamps: 
  • What Cardio Means To Us Conversationally (2:00)
  • Take Out Max Speed – Talking ‘Conditioning’ Of The Heart (5:00)
  • Benefits of Cardio – What It Relates To Performance Development (8:00)
  • Inhibit Gains – 6 Seconds Sprints and The War On Cardio (13:00)
  • Thinking About Big PIcture – Not Losing Focus Of Foundation (17:00)
  • The Rigors Of Long Drawn Out Contest (22:00)
  • Balancing Long Term Goals – The Program Roadmap (25:30)
  • What About Heart Rate Monitors? (30:45)
  • Light Cardio – Trying To Use Heart Rate To Determine Levels (37:00)
  • We Do It For Strength Movements, You Could For Cardio, But Takes Time (43:00)
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