# 69 – The Vert – Breaking Down A Crowd Favorite

Chalk Talk – Episode 69 – The Vert – Breaking Down A Crowd Favorite 

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Where is the program that is going to make my vertical better? Where is your program designed for athletes who are jumping a lot?

Coaches and athletes want the program that makes the most sense for their sport….Coach Bres explains why we need not look further than a well rounded strength and conditioning program. The jump in basketball or volleyball is important, but what about all that surrounds that one specific movement in the sport.

Time Stamps: 
  • Talk To Me About Jump Programs! (1:00)
  • Testing The Vert and Talking Power (4:26)
  • Getting Better At The Jump – Not Really In A Vert Program (8:10)
  • Strength, Speed, and Power Development – Generating Force (13:30)
  • Capacity – Being Able To Jump When It Counts (18:00)
  • The Merits Of Testing It – Also Balancing Considerations (21:00)
  • Stacking Boxes – Breaking Down What A Box Jump Means For Vert…(Or Doesn’t) (25:00)
  • Adding Load To Jumps – Does It Help Vert? (29:00)
  • What Can We Add Load To That Will Help The Vertical? (34:00)
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