# 61 – Detraining – Myths and Misconceptions


Chalk Talk – Episode 61 – Detraining – Myths and Misconceptions

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Time Stamps: 
  • What is ‘detraining’? If you don’t work out while at home during all of this Covid-19 social distancing are you going to ‘lose’ out on something? (1:00)
  • We are looking to help kids get through this with some structure so that they can stay healthy and fit, maybe not so much of what we are losing for our athletic performance. (3:30)
  • Use it, or Lose it? (6:30)
  • Talking about the chart – speed versus aerobic on the ends of the spectrum (9:00)
  • Looking at the aerobic study (12:00) What about strength? Maximum strength sticks around, and getting creative at home. (15:00)
  • What about power? (19:00)
  • Endurance – sprint or long slow distance. Talking about conditioning and how detraining is very real. (23:30)
  • 3 Days, 3 Weeks. What coaches always use to say. (25:30)
  • Aerobic is the foundation, high intensity anaerobic might start to suffer. (34:00)
  • Hypertrophy – effects on muscle mass. (37:00)
  • Practical applications – everything matters to some degree (40:00)
  • Value of focusing on the entire pie (44:00)
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