# 55 – Eccentric – All About The Negative


Chalk Talk – Episode 55 – Eccentric – All About The Negative 

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Time Stamps: 

Part 1: Tempo and Movement 

  • One of the hardest topics to tackle! How Coach Bres found compelling research and results on both sides of the eccentric debate. (1:50)
  • Defining eccentric and concentric MOVEMENTS (3:30) 
  • Starting to talk about training. We often think about tempo training. (7:00) 
  • Time changing, velocity constant. Talking about tempo in more detail (9:00)
  • Most people are doing tempo training, even without numbers. The benefits of slow and in control. (13:00) 

Part 2: Getting into Eccentric Training 

  • Equating things to time under tension. Trying to ‘go slow’ to increase work done. (16:00) 
  • Inducing strength or power gains vs. hypertrophy. Separating the two. (19:00) 
  • The difference between 5 reps at 80% and 5 reps at 80% slower….hypothetical versus practical. (20:00)
  • Looking for muscle damage and hypertrophy (24:00) 
  • Some of the concerns around too much muscle damage (28:00) 
  • Positives of why you would incorporate eccentric into training. ‘You are stronger eccentrically than you are concentrically. (31:00) 
  • Tying up loose ends on the subject – summarizing benefits (36:00) 
  • Not having to ‘focus’ on eccentric as much as knowing it is in a well-rounded training program (40:00)
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