# 108 – Trap Bar vs. Conventional Deadlift

CHALK TALK – EPISODE # 108 – Trap Bar vs. Conventional Deadlift

The deadlift has many variations that are used and developed in fitness and strength and conditioning programs. Today, we focus on the similarities and differences between the trap bar and conventional barbell deadlift.

Coach Bres and Doug discuss the history behind the deadlift, why coaches like one or the other deadlift, and how high school programs can apply this knowledge!

Time Stamps

  • Putting the two deadlifts into context. (1:30)
  • Defining Barbell Deadlift (2:45)
  • Defining Trap Bar or “Hex” Bar Deadlift (4:20)
  • Thinking about where the weight is dispersed (6:00)
  • Similarities of Trap & Conventional – The Hinge & Floor Lift (8:00)
  • Differences (10:45)
  • Thinking about how much weight can be lifted with either and why? (12:40)
  • The Hinge (14:30)
  • Reasons To Love The Trap Bar Deadlift (18:00)
  • Reasons To Love Conventional Deadlift (23:50)
  • Why & How It Applies To High School & Equipment and Learning Movements (30:00)

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