# 104 – Sport-Specific Training


CHALK TALK – EPISODE # 104 – Sport-Specific Training 

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In a debate that has persisted for decades, the battle rages on! From well-intentioned student-athletes wanting to make sure they are getting the most out of their training to coaches who wish to sell their program and garner buy-in, the question remains. How do we talk about sports-specific training? How do we address the social media age of sport movement mimicry? What is the best to go about addressing the demands of the sport? We break it down on today’s episode of Chalk Talk!  

Time Stamps

  • History of this debate (1:40)
  • Understanding why this perception exists (4:40)
  • Social Media – What is the context (7:00)
  • Demand Specific (10:00)
  • The Body-Part And Muscle Group Dilemma (13:30)
  • The Demands – Strength, Speed, Power, Control, & Capacity (18:40)
  • Resilience Against Injury (23:30)
  • The Basics – Basics is not an evil word (26:00)
  • Knowing Your Audience (28:00)

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