Dance Fitness (Coming Soon)

Dance Fitness (Coming Soon)

We are excited to be working on a fun and engaging dance fitness program. Dance is an excellent opportunity to move, groove, and have some fun while breaking a sweat. 

We know that dance can be intimidating! Like all of our programs, PLT4M is making this program accessible and inclusive to all. 

Each 30-minute follow-along lesson includes: 

  • Guided Warm-Up 
  • Step-by-Step Choreography 
  • Dance Cardio Effort 
  • Cool Down & Stretching 

Example Lesson

Check out an example lesson with Coach Alexa and Hunter.

In this lesson students learn 8 new moves through the choreo and cardio components.

  • Heel Taps
  • Slams
  • Grapevine
  • Step Touch
  • March & Jack
  • 3 Step Turn
  • Shake It Out
  • T-Hops
Want to learn more about our dance fitness program and the complete program offering PLT4M offers?

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