Yuma Union Highschool
Success Story: Yuma Union High School

Giving Students Ownership of Their Physical Literacy

“Students do better academically when they participate in regular fitness and exercise. PLT4M helps us provide those opportunities in an inclusive way that meets students where they are at.”
Kathy Hoover - Yuma Union Vice Principal
Kathy Hoover

Yuma Union Vice Principal

Key Insights

  1. Giving students agency to monitor their own progress is a key to accountability.
  2. When kids don’t have access to fitness resources outside of school, every moment in class counts.
  3. Implementing districtwide PE goals on an individual school level takes tools and teamwork.
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The Challenge

I n a diverse district of more than 10,000 students across six high schools, evolving the PE curriculum is no simple task. Much like fitness gains, creating lasting change would take consistency and time at Yuma Union High School District, where a team of teachers and administrators sought to transition the district’s PE focus from games to standards.

The Solution

In her career as a PE teacher and then school administrator in the large district of Yuma Union in Arizona, Kathy Hoover had picked up a few things. She observed that her students were more passionate about PE when the curriculum was fitness- and wellness-based rather than games based. To shake things up, Vice Principal Hoover adopted PLT4M at one of the district’s six high schools to see whether the tech could support this major shift in priorities.

Gabe Ortiz, in his 17th year of teaching, was one of the teachers implementing PLT4M in his classes who appreciated the flexible foundation for fitness. The customization was a gamechanger for his students, which included everyone from fitness beginners to multi-sport athletes. For Vice Principal Hoover, PLT4M’s flexibility wasn’t just a win for students with different fitness levels and goals; it was a win for a faculty with a wide range of teaching styles and preferences.

On campus at Kofa High School, part of the Yuma Union High School District in Arizona
On campus at Kofa High School, part of the Yuma Union High School District in Arizona
“What excited us about PLT4M was that there were all sorts of programs and videos to explore for proper technique and form. There were major advantages for students and athletes, as well as teachers and coaches.”

Following successful implementation at Kofa over three years (including a year of hybrid teaching), Yuma Union rolled out PLT4M to the remaining five schools in the district. The entire PE team is hopeful PLT4M offers one more opportunity to level the playing field for all students.

250+ Hours of Original Content All Housed in One Easy-to-Use Place.
A few of the PLT4M programs that Yuma Union students have to choose from.

There is so much to be gained by using PLT4M, and as more teachers adopt this, we will continue to see improvements in and out of the classroom.”

Kathy Hoover - Yuma Union Vice Principal
Katy Hoover

Yuma Union Vice Principal

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