Total Athletic Development at Denmark High School

Denmark High School weight room.

Strength and conditioning isn’t just about lifting weights and getting stronger. Instead, a quality strength and conditioning program supports the total athletic development of student-athletes. From improving on-field performance to focusing on injury prevention, high school strength and conditioning programs can address the complete picture of student-athlete success. Denmark High School in Wisconsin has embraced the power of a comprehensive strength and conditioning program that empowers student-athletes throughout the school year.

Investing In Year-Round Strength and Conditioning 


Over the years, the Athletic Department at Denmark High School has pushed for a year-round strength and conditioning program. Through a partnership with Aurora BayCare Medical Center, strength and conditioning coach Justin Clark works with Denmark High School student-athletes throughout the year. Now in his 7th year, Justin says the program has been successful because of a school-wide emphasis on strength and conditioning


“Our sports coaches make it a point to schedule at least two weekly training sessions during their season. The dedicated time in-season plays a huge part in being able to work with students throughout the entire school year, especially at a school with many multi-sport athletes.” 


In addition to the training throughout the school year, Denmark High School boasts a popular summer training program that compliments the work done during the school year. Justin explains how the year-round approach helps support the total athletic development of Denmark’s student-athletes, 


“The focus of our strength and conditioning program is to help student-athletes move and perform better by being strong, explosive, and coordinated, all while focusing on injury prevention to keep student-athletes healthy.” 

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Simple and Straight Forward Training at Denmark High School


To maximize the time Justin has with student-athletes in the weight room, he aims to keep both the message and plan straightforward, 


“The best strength and conditioning program is one that student-athletes understand and invest in. If we can get our student-athletes training consistently and with purpose, they will reap the benefits of the weight room when they compete throughout their sports seasons.” 


To help with this simple and straightforward approach, Justin utilizes a strength and conditioning app to manage and deliver workouts. Justin explains how the addition of technology keeps students informed and engaged throughout training sessions, 


“With the PLT4M app, I can assign weights and percentages directly to student-athletes so that they can have a personalized weight room experience. But I also like having students log their own weights on things like accessory movements so they can take ownership of their workouts.” 


In addition to students seeing the benefits of the PLT4M app, Justin says it also helps create a cohesive approach with fellow sports coaches at Denmark High School, 


“It gets everyone on the same page about what is happening in the weight room. We can showcase things like attendance, progress, and top performers. It creates a place where student-athletes and coaches can get what they want and need all in one place.” 

PLT4M displayed on Iphone featuring workout view.
Students can log workouts on any phone or device with PLT4M.

Total Athletic Development Goes Beyond Work In The Weight Room 


In Justin’s role as strength and conditioning coach, beyond managing student-athletes in the weight room, he often finds himself fielding other questions about being a complete athlete, 


“It seems like each year, I get more and more questions about “other topics” like nutrition, hydration, sleep, and supplements.” 


Justin says that these questions come from an interest and hope from students looking to be the very best athletes, 


“It is great these conversations are happening. Student-athletes are taking it upon themselves to understand the other elements of athletic development that go beyond practice and the weight room.” 


Justin looks at these topics as pieces of the puzzle for health and wellness. To help start these conversations with students, Justin taps into PLT4M’s different lesson plans and materials on topics like nutrition, sleep, and more, 


“We started with PLT4M to help with strength and conditioning, but it has become an even more valuable resource to educate and support students for total health and wellness.” 

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Key Takeaways on Denmark High School’s Approach To Athletic Development 


Over the years, high schools across the country have grappled with how to improve and bolster their strength and conditioning programs. And while Denmark High School has both a strength coach and training software, Justin says the biggest factor to success is sports coaches and student-athletes buying in, 


“For high school strength and conditioning to be successful, you need to have coaches and student-athletes see the benefits and importance. From that buy-in comes really positive results.” 


And Denmark High School has undoubtedly bought in over the years. For example, in just the last 3 months, Denmark student-athletes logged over 5,000 sessions in PLT4M. Justin credits the student-athletes and coaches for truly embracing the power of strength and conditioning, 


“Now that I am in my 7th year here, I have gotten to see the true transformation and growth of student-athletes as they go through their high school career.” 


Through all of this work, Denmark High School showcases the power of consistent and quality strength and conditioning in the pursuit of total athletic development for high school student-athletes. 


Denmark High School weight room.
Denmark High School weight room.

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