Centerville High School - Weight Room
Centerville High School - Weight Room
Success Story: Centerville High School

Finding a Competitive Edge in the Weight Room

“PLT4M had demonstration videos, could track progress, and provided all sorts of helpful insights. But most importantly, it set up structure and training plans for our different groups of athletes.”
Rob Dement - Centerville Hight School
Rob Dement

Athletic Director

Key Insights

  1. Strength and conditioning can make the difference in taking student athlete performance to the next level.
  2. Changing the culture of high school athletics starts in the weight room but doesn’t end there.
  3. Giving students agency to monitor their own progress is a key to accountability.
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The Challenge

After the better part of a decade as Athletic Director at Centerville High School in Ohio, something was bothering Rob Dement: in competition, his teams were being consistently edged out by well-matched opponents. After determining that a structured strength and conditioning program was the missing piece to the puzzle, he’d need to figure out how to put it into practice at Centerville.

The Solution

Athletic Director Dement knew to up Centerville’s game in the weight room, he’d need to bring in some help. Prioritizing strength and conditioning needed to become the culture of the sports program, not be a responsibility falling to the individual coaches. At the same time, the right solution would need to have support from coaches across a multitude of teams. For Centerville, PLT4M struck the right balance.

One thing that the entire department can agree on is the importance of safety when strength training. PLT4M’s demonstration videos and emphasis on proper form helps athletes develop a stronger mind-body connection as they work out and reduces the risk of injury. For the school’s natural-born competitors, leaderboards and live results keep things lively in the weight room.

We have sports coaches who are great at what they do within the sport they love. But the majority of them have never had to put together a comprehensive weight room plan."

Rob Dement

Athletic Director

While change can be hard for any athletics program, Athletic Director Dement can see the evolution taking place at his own school. With Centerville’s football program now using PLT4M year-round and more than a half-dozen other sports adopting the tech, the school’s competitive edge is sharper than ever.

Centerville Elks Gym
Centerville High School's weight room has TV monitors where they display PLT4M workouts and leaderboards.
“PLT4M has truly been a partner that allows autonomy for coaches and is adaptable to fit our needs.”
Rob Dement

Athletic Director

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