PLT4M and Kaukauna High
Success Story: Kaukauna High School

Amplifying the Power of Student Choice in PE

“We see it as our job to help build lifelong fitness skills. And because this can look so different depending on the person, we are happy to have found a program and structure that works for us.”
Kim Matczak

Physical Education Teacher

Key Insights

  1. Teachers love how easy it is to ramp up PLT4M for some units, and taper off for others.
  2. PLT4M’s built-in skill and equipment modifications help make fitness accessible for all.
  3. After 9th grade, Kaukauna students choose different PE paths but PLT4M is a curriculum constant.
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The Challenge

L ike many schools, Kaukauna High School had an ambitious and enduring mission: To empower students with lifelong fitness skills and engage student’s interest and confidence with a variety of exercise options. While a novel, track-driven PE program gave students more choice than ever, they needed to embrace the role of technology for a new generation of learners to truly deliver on their mission.

The Solution

With a variety of PE tracks available to their high schoolers, the Kaukauna PE department needed a solution suited to a student body with diverse interests and fitness goals. That’s where PLT4M came in.

Beginning with the foundational PE course requirement in 9th grade, Kaukauna High School’s four-teacher staff implemented PLT4M to support their introductory curriculum around core fitness concepts. From there, students choose their PE track — and PLT4M is there for what comes next.

In the Active Lifestyle track taught by Kim Matczak, PLT4M’s Fitness Anywhere programs are a hit, as are the many options for diverse beginner workouts.

Students follow along to a PLT4M "Fitness Anywhere" workout.
“Whether it is the fitness, yoga, or dance units, PLT4M does an excellent job with instructional content that shows students different exercise options. It opens the door to so many more students who otherwise would think they couldn’t do something.

In the Strength & Conditioning track, “Intro To Weightlifting” and “Training for Competition” are in heavy rotation. As they build skills, students progress to more advanced sections of the course, moving up with PLT4M programs at the same time. Meanwhile, the Team & Individual Sports track uses PLT4M to augment a curriculum that focuses on sports like tennis, golf and archery.

On the heels of the successful adoption of PLT4M in the PE classroom, Kaukauna has rolled out programming to its student athletes as well. From their state-of-the-art weight room with iPad-equipped weightlifting stations to PLT4M workouts customized by the coaches, multiple teams at Kaukauna are now powering practice with PLT4M.

Regardless of track chosen or sport played, Kaukauna’s dedicated teachers, including Katie O’Keefe and Mike Schalow, are instilling lifelong lessons in wellness and physical literacy – and PLT4M is here to serve the mission.

A student logs their PLT4M workout using the iPad app

It is bringing us all together in a great way.”"

Jeff Matczak

Physical Education Teacher

Built for every student, and any fitness level

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