Weightlifting For All – Teaching Every Student The Basics


Weightlifting For All – Teaching Every Student The Basics

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We understand that in the past there are stigmas associated with weight lifting, in that athletes should be the only ones doing deadlifts or presses or even olympic lifts, like cleans.
Our belief is that everybody should participate in functional movements. When we talk about the deadlift, we’re picking something up off the ground.
When we talk about the press, we’re pressing something overhead. So, while in the past, this may seem like something that was out of reach for our students, we are bridging that gap in showing people that everybody can participate in weightlifting.
– Max Isaak | PLT4M Instructor & Coach 
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The Deadlift Drill Example

At PLT4M, we’re total sticklers for proper deadlift form. We love the lift as a tool for developing raw strength as well as a rigorous reinforcement of core stability, posterior chain mobility, and spinal alignment and posture. Too often, though, we see young athletes pulling heavy loads off of the ground with sub-par technique or worse. Not only are they sacrificing maximum potential force production with inefficient movement, they are putting themselves at the very real risk of legitimate injury. In order to combat this risk, we like to spend time drilling our “pulling” technique anytime we get the chance. Here we have a drill for you to become familiar with the positions while warming up for heavier loading in coming weeks. With a PVC pipe or empty barbell, perform 5 slow reps of each of the following: 1.Top-Half Deads (Like an RDL, from hip crease to the knee). Focus on pushing the hips back, keeping the bar on the quads, knees remain where they are, lumbar curve maintained. 2. Bottom-Half Deads (mid-shin or ground to the knee). Focus on pushing the floor away, instead of pulling the bar off the ground. Hips and shoulders should rise together, maintaining a good flat back. 3. Pausing Deads. Combine the two movements, with a deliberate pause at the knee. 4. Full Deadlifts. Blend both pieces into one fluid movement. Focus on returning the bar the exact same way you pick it up. Get with a partner or into small groups. Each student should go through the progression 3 times. DO NOT RUSH! Take the time to try and do this right. Those not working should be watching and helping to correct form. [/vc_column_text][vc_video link=”https://youtu.be/A9st71KwtBQ”][/vc_column][/vc_row]

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