Keeping Workouts Fun – Even At Home

Keeping Workouts Fun – Even At Home

As social distancing can possibly become isolating, many have found positive and healthy ways to connect with family and friends. 

Stephen Lian at Brighton High School in New York has found that fitness has been a positive form of connection. 

As a father, football coach, and strength coach, tapping into the PLT4M’s Remote Fitness program has been a huge plus for Coach Lian. 

Family First 

With schools closed down because of Covid-19, many teachers and coaches have more opportunities to spend some cherished time with their families throughout the day and week. 

Looking to maintain a schedule at home, the Lian family has put a morning workout into their daily routine. 

“It is fun because I have a 5, 9, and 12 year old, and they are all doing something to stay active. My 12 year old who has started into some weight training, actually pulls up the PLT4M app and leads the family through a workout!” 

And as the family goes through their different fun variations of training via Dad and the PLT4M app, they are getting to spend some quality time together in the process. 

The Football Family 

And with Coach Lian’s immediate family taken care of, he also wants to keep his athletes training and staying fit.

He has set up two major options for his students based on what they have at home. Anyone without any equipment is good to go on the At Home Workout or Speed and Agility Program that PLT4M has to offer. 

Anyone with some equipment at home has reached out to Coach Lian, to figure out how they can make it work. 

“The Remote Fitness was a great place to start and helped me make sure everyone was taken care of. From there I could help the kids who had some dumbbells laying around the house, or maybe some old weights in the basement.

With the weights those kids could continue doing the different things like the Olympic and Power lifts they are used to doing during the rest of the year via our program and the PLT4M app.” 

Some athletes have even got creative and found ways to load up milk jugs at home or even use an old lacrosse stick laying around to mimic a barbell. No matter what, Coach Lian knows that all his family and football community are making the best of a tough situation.

Want to see how you can utilize a variety of PLT4M’s training programs while at home and at school?

Working Out Together, While Apart 

And because they cannot be physically together, Coach Lian has made sure that his athletes know that they are not alone. 

To recognize them for their hard work, Coach Lian will post and share different videos of students training at home.

“I think it is fun for the kids to see themselves on social media and they get into it. It just helps to know that when we all are apart, we actually are all still working out and sharing a common goal.” 

And while Coach has taken the lead in his own training and posting via social media, the kids have taken some leadership themselves. 

“The kids actually have set up some Zoom meetings themselves to train together, but obviously make sure they are not meeting in person. It is pretty cool and it is keeping them motivated.” 

Making It Work 

Coach Lian and the Brighton Barons are setting the example for unity and creativity, even when the school and its weight room has been shut down. 

So whether you have a family member you can help get off the couch or a friend you can video chat, make fitness fun even while keeping your distance.

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