Hands On Teaching – Molly Collins Guest Post

Molly Collins has been featured on many PLT4M blogs, webinars, podcasts and more! Check out her message below as we head back to a new school year! 


“Hi, everyone. My name is Molly Collins, and I’m a PE teacher at Pennfield High School in Battle Creek, Michigan.

I like to consider myself a relationship oriented teacher. And truly, the relationships I’ve made with my students have honestly blossomed even more after they’ve graduated. I’ve been able to do this by incorporating more mental and emotional health within the physical realm of my class. And when you’re able to do that, you’re able to challenge those students to think in a broader spectrum and hopefully impact your relationship with them, but then also the relationship with themselves and the relationship that they have with their peers.

That’s when you really start to see the difference that health and wellness can make in an individual’s life.

Now, on top of all the different teaching responsibilities I have, PLT4M has been an amazing tool for me whether it’s been on webinars or podcasts or blogs, but honestly the networking that platform has given me with other like-minded professionals.

It’s really challenged me to up my game and to really live out the three word philosophy that I have. And that’s 1) Purpose. 2) Passion 3) Pride.”

Hands On Instruction

“One of the best aspects of being a PE teacher, is being able to give hands-on instruction. You can build and you can directly impact a student day in and day out. Now, when I found PLT4M, I saw it as a resource to be able to actually give that hands-on instruction more to the students who needed it. I was able to bridge that gap between the beginner and the elite student.

Now, that’s also left time to be able to do things such as lesson planning or tracking progress. It actually helped me so that those tedious things that we all have to do, and that matter, but I was able to not have to worry about that so much because the app was doing those things for me and I could give the hands-on instructions, that some students 100% needed.

Now, one way I can bridge, my own strengths with the platform app is being able to give those instructional videos or using the app to be able to answer questions for students. For example, I may be working with a student who is a beginner, who needs that hands-on instruction. Whereas I also within the same classroom have an elite athlete and they’re on their own program, and instead of having them wait in a long line of people waiting to ask me a question, or needing help with something, they can log into their platform app, whether on their phone or their computer and they can get their answer to the question, whether it’s through an instructional video or a little snip bit, on the news feed, whatever it may be, they’re able to access and learn on their own in that sense. It doesn’t mean it takes my job away. It just means it helps us build and be able to connect with more students.”

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