# 53 – Weight Belts

Chalk Talk – Episode 53 – Weight Belts 

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To wear a weight belt, to not wear a weight belt, that is the question!

Lots of times when things get heavy, we just naturally go to grab a weight belt. But should we? Listen to this podcast before your athletes race to strap up before the next big lift.

Time Stamps: 
  • Reach out to us at PLT4M.com (0:20)
  • Weight belts – what are they good for? Why have they just become second nature when things start to get heavy in the weight room? (1:30)
  • Where it all started – way back when (3:50)
  • Part of the culture, but no real reason that people could put their finger on (5:00)
  • Injury Prevention or increased performance? (7:00)
  • Movements people use belts (8:20)
  • Intra abdominal pressure – keeping the core strong and a neutral spine (9:30)
  • Sucking you gut in – defeating the point of the weight belt (10:30)
  • Be careful of intra abdominal pressure – spike in blood pressure (13:00)
  • Actual outcomes of wearing a belt -maximum strength + bar speed in strength movements(16:00)
  • Training with proper technique – forcing engagement and intention (19:00)
  • Reach out to us! We cannot stress enough we want to hear from you!!! (21:00)
  • What we know and how it starts to apply to our high school students (23:00)
  • Injury Prevention – Protecting your back is somewhat a myth (25:30)
  • Don’t practice bracing with one thing, that won’t be there in future (28:40)
  • The culture component – getting excited and using belts (30:30)
  • Is it worth the investment (32:30)
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