Episode 51 – Power Training – What, Why & How?


Chalk Talk – Episode 51 – Power Training – What, Why & How?

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Come see how PLT4M can partner with your school!
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Time Stamps: 

PART 1: Strength and Speed

  • We reference a lot of other podcasts we have done. Go check them out here: ALL PODCASTS
  • Athletic Performance training. What coaches are looking for when wanting to improve POWER (1:00)
  • Power = Force x Velocity (Strength and Speed) (3:45)
  • Power Training is not mutually exclusive of Strength Training – Looking at the spectrum (5:45)
  • Expressed Through Movements – All the exercises and movements that could encompass what we are talking about (7:30)
  • High Intensity Versus Low Intensity – Peak and Capacity (10:30)
  • Force Velocity Curve – Check out the graphic  (13:00)
  • Doing Just Power – Not so useful. Benefits of working strength and power together (14:30)

Part 2: FAQ

  • Ask us questions! We want to hear from you (20:15)
  • How do we test this all? Looking to measure if we are moving in the right direction? (21:31)
  • Starting to look back at the rep ranges (27:00)
  • Tracking bar speed – velocity based training and its application at the high school level (30:00)
  • Why does this matter to athletic performance – starting to wrap up (34:15)
  • Consider all of the elements that should incorporate a program (37:15)
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