Chalk Talk – Episode 62 – Routines feat. Brian Hull


Episode # 62 – Routines feat. Brian Hull

Establishing routines in life can go a long way. That is why Brian Hull, Shape Teacher Of The Year, works with his students to help establish great routines in PE class as well. This podcast was originally recorded, before all of our routines were disrupted by Covid-19, but has great insights for how we can structure class when we do get back to normal!
Time Stamps: 
Part 1: Routines In PE 
  • Routines help establish some really great habits (3:15)
  • It may not be your routine yet, but you can start to see how to apply it to life (4:45)
  • Brian working with students at the middle and high school level (6:30)
  • The daily routine described – thriving in an organized environment – predicability is good at times (7:25)
  • Checking in with students – seeing how they are doing (10:00)
  • During the warm up – projecting two questions and having them move and answer them as they warm up (13:00)
  • Giving kids some freedom of what they are interested in (16:00)
  • Keeping things fun and engaging (18:00)
  • Helping students to modify, making things easier or harder to fit the needs of different students (22:00)
  • How does the routine and grading overlap? (27:40)
  • Aligning to standards and assessment (30:50)
  • Dressing out versus preparedness (33:00)
  • Helping kids select goals and make a plan – fitting the test versus fitting the student (36:00)
  • The framework to exist within for routines, grading, etc. (42:00)
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Over 1,000 schools have partnered with PLT4M to educational fitness programs to students.
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  • B.A. in Human Performance and Sport (emphasis in K-12 Physical Education) from Metropolitan State University
  • 2018 SHAPE Colorado High School Teacher of the Year
  • 2020 SHAPE America Central District High School Teacher of the Year
  • Currently in 6th year teaching at Bruce Randolph High School (Denver, CO); 8th year overall
  • Presenter for Gopher Sport and Heart Tech Plus
  • Passionate about integrating as much technology as possible in lessons
  • Has an identical twin brother, Brad Hull, whom was the 2020 SHAPE America Central District Middle School Teacher of the Year

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