Chalk Talk – Episode 49 – The “Squat” – What, Why & How?


Chalk Talk – Episode 49 – The “Squat” – What, Why & How?

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Come see how PLT4M can partner with your school!
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Time Stamps: 
  • The Squat – What it is and why are you doing it? (1:45)
  • A movement not just a heavy barbell back squat (3:30)
  • Teaching The Squat – Starting with body weight (5:00)
  • No such thing as a perfect squat (7:23)
  • Starting with the feet (9:00)
  • Ankle mobility (11:20) Knees can track over toes (13:20)
  • TIP ALERT: Tear the paper (17:06)
  • Problems are not exclusive to students just learning, issues will come back up. Help and correct. (19:05)
  • Finally getting to depth – full range of motion and strength (24:25)
  • Use variations of the squat (27:56)
  • Building weight and starting to develop more skills (33:02)
  • Air, goblet, back to front (37:50)
  • Torso incline – hinging in the movement (40:27)
  • There will always be faults – its not perfect! (44:26)
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