Chalk Talk – Episode 22 – Buy-In…To PE feat. Travis Lombardozzi

Chalk Talk EP 22 - Travis Lombardozzi
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Travis Lombardozzi

  • Brunswick High School Director of Strength and Conditioning
  • Physical Education Teacher
  • Full Bio Included Below

Chalk Talk – Episode 22 – Buy-In…In PE  – feat. Travis Lombardozzi 

“To get a high school strength coach job, you might want to consider getting an education degree as well.” This is what a young Travis Lombardazzi was told as he was finishing up his exercise science degree.  Travis took this same two-pronged approach to build a high school strength program at Brunswick High School in Ohio. Build buy-in through PE and grow from there. 
Time Stamps: 
Part 1: Growing A Program – Step By Step 
  • From ‘football run’ to a school-wide approach (1:20-3:30)
  • Getting teams to train year-round, utilize the space we have (3:30-6:00) 
  • Building the buy-in- AD, Coaches, Athletes, Community (6:00-7:56) 
  • It started with teaching and kids started to talk (7:56-9:50)
  • Communication with coaches, getting kids into class (9:50-13:06)
  • Keeping teams together, creating identity (13:06-15:30)
  • Kids take notice of coaches showing up (15:30-17:10
Part 2: Female Buy-In and Community Building 
  • Giving everyone the same attention, make the weight room welcoming (18:20-21:20)
  • Changing the identity of the weight room-feel uncomfortable from your workout, feel comfortable showing up (21:20-24:30)
  • Getting Buy-In and Belief (24:30-26:50)
  • Benefits of booster clubs – fostering the community (26:50-30:10)
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Travis Lombardozzi

Travis Lombardozzi joined the Brunswick High School athletic department in August 2013. He was hired as a full time Physical Education teacher responsible for teaching a variety of Weight Lifting, General physical education, and college credit plus courses. In his role as the director of strength and conditioning, he is directly responsible for the oversight for all Brunswick Blue devil athletic teams.  Prior to Brunswick, Travis completed his bachelor’s degree in Health and Physical education at Cleveland State University. While at CSU, Travis was a four-year varsity member of the swimming and diving program. Travis began his career in strength and conditioning as an intern with the CSU S&C department working with Men’s and Women’s Basketball, Men’s and Women’s Swimming, Wrestling, Women’s Soccer, and Volleyball. In addition to his S&C internship experience, Travis was also a certified Personal trainer and Group Exercise instructor during his tenure at CSU. While in his first two years as Strength and Conditioning Coach at Brunswick, Travis attended the University of Akron to obtain his Master’s degree in Exercise Science. During this time Travis also completed an internship at The University of Notre Dame working with Men’s Hockey, Men’s Basketball, Men’s & Women’s lacrosse, Men’s & Women’s Tennis, Softball, and Men’s & Women’s Swimming. In addition to his collegiate experience, Travis also served as an intern with the Milwaukee Brewers A league athletic training staff. [/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]

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