Chalk Talk – Episode 20 – Tier and Block System feat. Garrett Keith CSCS

Chalk Talk EP20 - Garrett Keith

Chalk Talk – Episode 20 – Tier and Block feat. Garrett Keith 

“The high school weight room is a slow cooker, not a microwave.”  Coach Garrett Keith CSCS, breaks down the high school weight room using both Tier and Block on this episode of Chalk Talk.  Coach Keith is the Head Strength and Conditioning Coach at Westminster Christian High School in Alabama and is the 2019 NHSSCA National Strength Coach Of The Year.
Time Stamps: 
Part 1: Tier, Block, and Chalk Talk
  • Introduction Coach Garrett Keith (2019 NHSSCA Strength Coach Of The Year) (0:00-3:30) 
  • Lifetime Fitness at Westminster Christian (3:30-7:15)
  • Time Management (Benefits of S+C During the Day) (7:15-9:20)
  • Tier System, Blocks, Joe Kenn (9:20-14:00)
  • Misconceptions of Tier and Periodization (14:00-15:30) 
  • Breaking Down Blocks – Modifications and No Intimidation (15:30-20:30)
Part 2: Slow Cooking – Take Time Before We Move On 
  • When Is Someone Ready For Next Block? (21:30-25:00)
  • Block 2 and Block 3 – Keep It Clean (25:00-27:57)
  • Slow Cook, Fred Eaves and NHSSCA (27:57-29:00)
  • Being Open, Building Each Other Up and Advancing S+C Profession (29:00-31:20)
  • Not Just Big, Bald and Bearded – Women in S+C (31:20-33:55)Want to talk to Coach Garrett Keith? Let us know and we are happy to share his contact info as he is more than happy to chat with anyone about all things S+C!
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