Chalk Talk – Episode 12 – PE in the 21st Century: Theoretical and Practical Applications

Chalk Talk EP 12 - PE in the 21st Century

Chalk Talk – Episode 12: PE in the 21st Century: Theoretical and Practical Implications

“Gym Class” has gotten a bad wrap in public education over the last few decades. For most Physical Education Teachers, they have had it with the antiquated words and views about their subject. Doug weaves a story of two people who share a passion for Physical Education. Dr. Seth Eckler PhD and Rusty Fuller have theoretical and practical applications of PE that are worth listening to as you head back to school! Time Stamps:  Part 1: Why Physical Education? 
  • Love for Physical Education-Dr. Seth Eckler (1:10-3:30)
  • Breaking Bad PE Stereotypes (3:30-8:00) 
  • Individualized Learning and Determining Needs of Students (8:00-12:40)
  • Working with Beginners and Establishing Routine (12:40-14:30)
Part 2: Grading and Managing Physical Education 
  • Grading and Assessment (15:20-20:20)
  • Peer to Peer Learning and Accountability (20:20-25:00)
  • Mixed Classes and PE’s State of the Union (25:00-27:40)
  • Final Thoughts with Doug Curtin  (27:40-29:30)
Want to hear the full interview with Dr. Seth Eckler? Check out our BONUS EPISODE that has Dr. Eckler breaking down what you heard in Episode 12 and much more.
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