Chalk Talk – Episode 15 – School Spotlight: A Coach’s Communication

EP 15 - A Coach's Communication

Chalk Talk – Episode 15 – School Spotlight: A Coach’s Communication 

As a High School Strength Coach, you have to find different ways to communicate with athletes, coaches, and parents.  Emily Plucker, in South Dakota, uses both face-to-face and online interaction to keep a healthy balance and open line of communication with all groups.  Thanks, Emily for sharing your story with PLT4M! Want to see how she uses Instagram and PLT4M? Go check out her full spotlight.
Time Stamps: 

Part 1: A Quick Start 

  • Expecting 100 Athletes, Getting A Whole Lot More (1:00-4:20)
  • All Types of Athletes in The Weight Room (4:20-5:40)
  • Getting to Know Coach Plucker- Building Relationships (5:40-9:00)
  • A Strength Coach Who Walks the Walk (9:00-13:20)
  • The Power of Videos (13:20-16:45)
Want your school to be spotlighted? Reach out to Doug Curtin at for a way to share your story! 

Part 2: Communication and Relationships- In All Forms 

  • Relationships with Other Sports Coaches (19:00-22:00) 
  • A Good Investment: 75 Dollars for a Whole Summer (22:00-26:20)
  • Be Open to New Things (27:00-30:20)
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