Chalk Talk – Episode 14 – Controlled Chaos: Managing A High School Weight Room

Chalk Talk EP 14 - Managing a Weight Room

Chalk Talk – Episode 14: Controlled Chaos: Managing A High School Weight Room 

In some circles, the controlled chaos of a high school weight room could be considered theater. There are bodies everywhere and only so much space and equipment.  While managing it all may seem daunting, Coach Breslin and Coach Reno put us at ease and encourage some best practices when it comes to staying organized this school year! 
Time Stamps: 
Part 1: Managing Time and Space
  • Crowded Weight Room? Be Flexible and Manage Expectations (1:00-4:00)
  • Less is More – Education first OVER getting everything done just for the sake of it (4:00-8:45) 
  • Set the Stage – Let Students Know What is Coming (8:45-11:35)
  • Creativity in Tight Spaces (11:35-14:40)
  • 4 Racks, 50 Minutes…How Do I Make It Work? (15:05-21:42)
  •  Come Prepared as a Student: Weight Room Management Made Easier (21:42-25:25)
Part 2: Different Programs Under Control
  • One Size Fits All? Not in Fitness (26:25-30:46)
  • Making Different Programs Available (30:46-33:17) 
  • Breaking Down Goals, Needs and Being OKAY With Adjustments (33:17-37:19)
Want to check out the live taping of this episode? Go check out the video here: Controlled Chaos (CHALK TALK LIVE) 
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