Chalk Talk 2020 Podcast Review!

Chalk Talk 2020 Podcast Review!

The Chalk Talk Podcast presented by PLT4M, now in its 2nd year, is up to episode 95! In 2020 alone, we made a big dent, recording and publishing 58 episodes!

We were able to sit down with leaders in education, fitness, and more!

PLT4M’s very own co-founder, Sam Breslin, joined Chalk Talk every other week to talk about the science and practical application to a wide range of strength and conditioning topics. It is safe to say, Coach Bres always came prepared and with a full stack of notes!

Past our EDU podcasts, we hosted teachers and coaches from across the country. Who better to learn and hear from than those in the classroom, weight room, and now Zoom rooms! The Chalk Talk podcast was always proud to have conversations FOR Physical Education teachers and coaches, BY Physical Education teachers and coaches.

And throughout a year like 2020, we did our very best to keep it relevant in the constant pursuit of adding value to those who tuned in! We tackled tough topics around race, covid, and more…all within the context of educational fitness, athletics, and Physical Education.

More To Come!

And while 2020 was a big year for the Chalk Talk podcast, we are far from done! We look forward to more conversations with Coach Bres, coaches and teachers across the country, and leaders in the space.

Want to contribute to the greater conversation? Reach out to the Director of Content and host of Chalk Talk, Doug Curtin ( to find out how you can join the show in the future!

Catch up on the year of podcasts below!

# 114 – Conditioning

As we head into summer, many coaches explore what it means to have a well conditioned team. Check out the full discussion on our last episode of the season!

# 113 – Speed Training

What goes into training speed for athletics? Coach Bres breaks down all the components of a solid speed training program for high school athletes.

# 112 – Speed & Agility Feat. Ricky Igbani

Ricky Igbani gives hustle new meaning with all the projects he has taken on! We get to know him and talk speed and agility on today’s episode.

# 111 – Assessment – Part 2: What & Examples

On part 2 of this podcast series, Coach Bres uses his team and assessment model as an example of what can be done in high school strength and conditioning.

# 110 – Assessment – Part 1: Why & How

Data, assessment, and testing have long been a part of S&C. Chalk Talk sets out to help coaches and teachers navigate their testing in this two-part series.

# 109 – The Rotational Athlete feat. Matt June

Who is considered a rotational athlete and do you have to train them in a specific way? We bring on Matt June to discuss and define rotational athletes.

# 108 – Trap Bar vs. Conventional Deadlift

The deadlift has many variations and uses. Today we focus on the similarities and differences between the trap bar and conventional barbell deadlift.

# 107 – 7-12 Fit For Life feat. Brandon Siegel

Brandon Siegel joins the podcast to discuss how he has structured his 7-12 Fit For Life PE curriciulum at Fullerton Public Schools in Nebraska.

# 106 – Training Adaptations – How Long?

How long will it take me to see results? Students and athletes want to know ‘how long’ it takes for their bodies to start changing as they train.

# 105 – Dance Fitness feat. Alexa Cavallo

We are excited to welcome Alexa Cavallo to the PLT4M instructor team! Check out this introduction to Alexa and how she teaches dance fitness to students.

# 104 – Sport-Specific Training

In a debate that has persisted for decades, the battle rages on! Sports Specific training always brings lots of questions to the table of S&C.

# 103 – Return To The Weight Room feat. Adam Hughes

Schools are getting the opportunity to head back to in-person training and look to return to the weight room. Check out Coach Hughes’ approach!

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