Accordions – Instructional Demo

The accordions exercise is a simple core movement that can be incorporated into any physical exercise routine. This sample exercise video and lesson notes comes from the PLT4M library. PLT4M is home to over 3,000 instructional videos that support student learning and proper movement mechanics. Encourage great form and technique with PLT4M resources. 

Accordions Exercise Demo Notes 


The accordion is a simpler version of the very challenging “V Up” movement. That being said, it is still a challenging core exercise that requires strength, stability, coordination and an element of flexibility.


The athlete begins laying flat on his or her back. From the waist down, the athlete fulls the knees in towards the chest by flexing the lower abs and hip flexors. Meanwhile, the athletes chest is flexed toward the knees via the upper abdominals and the hands go from “overhead” to reaching towards the feet on the outside of the body. Throughout it all, the lower back and obliques are in an isometric hold.


Slow controlled reps are difficult, but more important than volume. To make it “easier”, relax all the way to the floor between reps. To make it more difficult, relax to a hollow hold position between reps.

Utilizing PLT4M Instructional Videos 


In physical education and athletics, online videos can be utilized to improve the learning experience in various ways. In this next section, we will look at some of the different types of educational videos that physical education teachers and coaches use across the country with PLT4M.


PE teachers utilize PLT4M to incorporate technology in PE and draw from the library of over 3,000 educational videos. All of the video content available through PLT4M is explicitly made for middle and high school students so that teachers can trust the quality of instruction in every single video.

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