# 94 – Mobility – Definitions & Applications

Chalk Talk – Episode# 94 – Mobility – Definitions & Applications

Mobility is best defined as the ability to voluntarily move a limb or joint through its entire functional range of motion with complete control.

Coach Bres and Doug talk about the different components that make up the definition of mobility. They then dive into the problems around an absence or lack of mobility. And then finish with how mobility is wrapped into many types of training.

Time Stamps:

  • Defining Mobility (1:20)
  • What about flexibility? (5:40)
  • Range of Motion – Ability to or lack thereof. (10:40)
  • Reasons why we lose ROM (15:50)
  • No such thing as inactive bodies. How we lose ROM naturally (21:48)
  • Working towards ROM and better mobility (24:00)
  • Foam Rolling (26:00)
  • Static Stretching (33:00)
  • Activation (35:00)
  • Mobility Drills (38:00)
  • Examples of mobility in regular exercise (40:45)
  • Trying movements out (45:00)
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