# 78 – Middle School PE feat. Michael Graham

Chalk Talk – Episode 78 – Middle School PE feat. Michael Graham

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We often start students on a robust fitness education once they arrive to high school. Michael Graham joins the podcast to talk about how his district is exploring and moving to get the foundation of fitness built with students at the middle school level. We talk over everything from the benefits to logistics with Michael!

Time Stamps: 
  • Introduction To Michael Graham (1:00)
  • Experiences At The High School Level (3:00)
  • Balancing Core Components Of PE & Keeping It Fun (7:20)
  • Self Awareness and Abilities (8:30)
  • Bridging The Gap From Middle To High School (10:40)
  • Foundational Human Movements – Starting With Middle Schoolers (13:00)
  • IYCA – Benefits of The Certification (16:50)
  • Site Visits – Seeing Other Schools And How They Do It (19:45)
  • Setting Up A Strong Foundation – The Middle School Goal (24:30)
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