# 76 – Serving Multi-Sport Athletes feat. Aaron Charles

Chalk Talk – Episode 76 – Serving Multi-Sport Athletes feat. Aaron Charles

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At a school of about 500 students, Southmont Athletics has many of it’s athletes participating in multiple sports. Athletic Director, Aaron Charles, wanted to find a way that all of his teams, coaches, and athletes were working together in their training off the field. Aaron joins the podcast to talk about how Southmont is utilizing PLT4M for remote training and the future of the program.

Time Stamps: 
  • Meet Aaron Charles (1:00)
  • Kicking Off Something Like PLT4M (4:44)
  • Red Flag Of Coaches Not Being On The Same Page – Injuries (8:00)
  • Wanting To Give Support To Coaches And Teachers (11:00)
  • Fall Sport Meetings – Zoom Call Outs (15:30)
  • Sharing People’s Hard Work Via Twitter – Showing Recognition (18:30)
  • Finishing Up School – Heading Into Summer (22:00)
  • Thinking About What Is Next – Stations and Ipads (27:00)
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