# 74 – Relationship Building feat. Alan Stein Jr.

Chalk Talk – Episode 74 – Relationship Building feat. Alan Stein Jr.

About Alan Stein Jr.

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Alan Stein Jr. is more than just a keynote speaker and well known author…he is a fantastic podcast guest. Alan joins Chalk Talk to discuss building relationships with athletes, coaches, and parents and shares some of his key insights from the best in basketball and business.

Time Stamps: 
  • Molly Collins shares her experiences knowing Alan Stein Jr. (1:30)
  • Introduction To Alan Stein Jr – In His Own Words (3:40)
  • Years Of Life Experiences – Talking His Way In To Montrose Christian (7:30)
  • Using Sport As Avenue To Be A Better Person (12:20)
  • Loving Your Athletes (15:20)
  • The Cause Of Low Performance – Excuses, Blaming, & Complaining (21:00)
  • Setting Expectations – Talking To Parent Example (24:30)
  • We Don’t Want Combative Relationships With Parents (28:10)
  • Building The Right Structure For Athletes To Succeed (33:00)
  • Fundamentals Like Actively Listening, Greater Than X’s & O’s (36:00)
  • Mastering The Basics (39:00) Routines Are Everything (43:46)
  • The Coach K Story – A Simple Thank You (48:00)
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