# 65 – Lactic Acid – Debunking The Myth

Chalk Talk – Episode 65 – Lactic Acid – Debunking The Myth 

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Feel the burn! Flush it out! These are all things coaches have used when talking about ‘lactic acid.’ Coach Bres helps to separate the differences between lactic acid and lactate and how they do or do not relate to our training.

Time Stamps: 
  • Starting To Talk About Lactic Acid…what even is it? (2:00)
  • Talking about LACTATE – Not The Waste Product (7:00)
  • The Lactate Shuttle – Talking About Fuel Sources (11:00)
  • The Michael Phelps Example – Different Bodies Ability To Keep Up With Energy Demands (15:00)
  • Genetics versus Training – Fuel and Ability To Use Lactate (18:00)
  • “Flushing It Out” – Debunking The Myth (21:00)
  • Light Activity And How It Relates To “Flushing” (24:00)
  • Talking About Thresholds – Aerobic, Anaerobic, & Lactate (28:00)
  • Working On The Big Picture (36:00)
  • Doug Tries To Summarize – Talking Lactate, Cycling, Hydrogen Ions Leads To Feeling The Burn (38:30)
  • Bres Summarizes – Separate Lactic Acid and Lactate (41:00)
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