# 114 – Conditioning

CHALK TALK – EPISODE # 114 – Conditioning 

Conditioning can be a valuable tool in developing an athlete’s overall work capacity. And moving past just long slow distances, there are intentional ways that coaches can train conditioning for their athletes.

First, we do a quick review of our energy systems and discuss aerobic and anaerobic capacity. Next, we define and break down tempo running in the form of extensive and intensive tempo runs. Finally, we talk about putting it into the application with high school athletes.

This is the last episode of Chalk Talk before our summer break! Go catch up on previous episodes from the year on our blog, or however you get your podcasts! We thank everyone for their continued support and encourage you to reach out with topics you want to hear in the upcoming season when we head back to school in the fall! Happy Summer!

Time Stamps

  • Conditioning – Waste Of Time vs. Work Capacity Developing Athletes (1:30)  
  • Defining Conditioning: Work Capacity (4:20)  
  • Getting Ready For An Upcoming Season vs. Bigger Work Capacity Umbrella (7:20)  
  • Reviewing Energy Systems (9:00) 
  • Aerobic Capacity – More Than Long Slow Distance (10:00)  
  • Anaerobic Capacity (15:00) 
  • Training – Tempo Running (19:00)
  • Extensive Tempo Runs (21:00)  
  • Intensive Tempo Runs (26:00)  
  • Frequency of Training (28:40)  
  • How Does Long Slow Distance Play In? (31:00)  
  • Fitting Into YOUR Program (34:50) 
  • Maximizing Use Case (38:00)

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