# 107 – 7-12 Fit For Life feat. Brandon Siegel


CHALK TALK – EPISODE # 107 – 7-12 Fit For Life feat. Brandon Siegel 

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We often hear PE teachers say that they strive to set students up with the skills to be fit for life. But many PE teachers only get their students for a semester or two throughout their entire educational career. Brandon Siegel, the sole PE teacher across his entire small district, has a unique opportunity to impact his students’ ‘fit for life’ journey from grades k-12. Brandon joins the podcast to discuss how he has integrated PLT4M into their 7-12 curriculum at Fullerton Public Schools. Because he is a one-person team, he has a lot of choice and autonomy when structuring his semesters and school years. Brandon has shaped his middle school PE to fully introduce the basic concepts of fitness and strength and conditioning. With a strong foundation set in middle school, his high schoolers can then explore their personal interests via the wide variety of advanced PLT4M programming. While Brandon has autonomy in many ways, he works with his principal and superintendent closely to show the data and results that students are seeing via the PLT4M and data tracking app. We wrap up the episode talking about how data has shaped his classroom.

Time Stamps

  • Meet Brandon Siegel (1:00)
  • 7 – 12 PE – Fitness Education Curriculum (3:08)
  • 7th Grade – Movement Patterns (5:00)
  • 8th Grade – Introduce Barbells & Weights (8:20)
  • On To High School – Program Options (12:30)
  • Jack Of All Trades, Master of None – Balancing the expansive needs of PE (16:00)
  • Data & Activity – Students, Teachers, & Admins All Get Something (20:46)
  • Putting Numbers Into Perspective (24:00)
  • Making The Case For PE (26:50)
  • Putting Things In Perspective For Students (28:00)
  • Past PE – Lots Of Athletic Benefits (30:50)

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