# 106 – Training Adaptations – How Long?

CHALK TALK – EPISODE # 106 – Training Adaptations – How Long?

How long will it take me to get into shape? How long will it take me to see results? Students and athletes want to know ‘how long’ it takes for their bodies to start changing as they train.

And while the lack of immediate tangible results can sometimes lead to frustration, it is important to help students understand the timeline in which change happens! For each individual circumstance, the actual adaptation time will vary, but we are often talking about weeks and months, not hours and days!

Check out this podcast to better understand the guiding principles around training adaptations!

Time Stamps

  • Looking For Change – Students Want To See Results (0:50)
  • Weeks & Months, Not Hours & Days (2:00)
  • The Myriad Of Considerations (3:45)
  • Strength Adaptations (5:00)
  • Consistent and Progressive Overload (8:00)
  • Speed & Power Adaptations (9:40)
  • Size & Body Composition – The Visual Adaptation (14:00)
  • Conditioning – ‘The 3 Weeks, To 3 Days’ Myth (22:00)
  • Anaerobic Capacity (27:00)

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