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More than workouts or classes, our original content is designed to develop physical literacy from the ground up.

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Our customizable, research-based fitness and performance programs help you prepare your students to move confidently and competently throughout their lives.

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The foundation for everything: Our fitness workouts lay the groundwork that all personal fitness or performance training moving forward is built upon, with an emphasis on proper mechanics.

These classes establish relative strength & mobility while also introducing the concept of capacity.


Two PLT4M instructors stretching.


Our weightlifting programs provide a safe introduction to weight room equipment like barbells and dumbbells.

Our primary focus is on becoming comfortable with a loaded bar and mastering strength movements, starting with the most basic and progressing to more advanced moves over the course of multiple weeks.



Our yoga programs help cultivate mind-body connection over a series of weeks and sections, beginning with form and technique of foundational yoga movements, progressing through poses and breathwork, and building up stamina and capacity for longer-form yoga flows.



A complement to the workout side of things, our nutrition series introduces the basic components of the science behind food and how it fuels us.

This program combines videos and written lessons to help students and athletes apply nutritional concepts to their day-to-day lives.


Rebecca Toutant

Dance Fitness

Our dance fitness sessions bring a different energy to the table, providing students with a welcoming introduction to the basics of choreography and dance cardio.



Focusing on improving flexibility and range of motion around key joints and muscles, our mobility programs go beyond stretching by introducing the concept of active recovery and demonstrating myofascial release techniques.


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