Speed & Agility – Preview

Speed & Agility – Preview

When did ‘speed and agility’ just become sprinting? While some have adopted the sprint or nothing mentality, we believe that speed & agility, much like most things in training, deserve a well-balanced approach. 

At PLT4M, we have been working hard alongside Coach Ricky Igbani to create a fantastic new speed and agility content offering. 

Get the very best in speed and agility while we cover: 

  • Technique & Mechanics 
  • Power & Force Generation 
  • Acceleration 
  • Deceleration and Force Absorption 
  • Change In Direction 
    • Linear 
    • Lateral 
    • Non-Linear 


Check out some examples from each of the different domains to speed and agility.

Technique & Mechanics
Power & Force Generation
Change In Direction
Deceleration & Force Absorption

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