Scaling & Modifying – The PLT4M Approach

Scaling & Modifying – The PLT4M Approach

“In our instructional videos, we make it a point to talk about scaling and modifying.The reason this is so important to me and the rest of the PLT4M crew is we don’t expect all students to fit in one nice box. Just the same way that people learn differently, we also lift & workout differently.
So we want to make sure that we’re appealing to a vast range of people, instead of putting everybody in one small box. For example, when modifying the push up for our students, we’ll first demonstrate top of the plank chest touching the ground, elbows tracking back, with all the normal points performance.
Then we’ll go over different modifications, whether it’s using a box or a bench to modify that push-up, modify that loading, and allow the athletes to see that there is a real progression to get to that full push-up.
We are trying to meet our students where they’re at.” – Max Isaak | PLT4M Instructor & Coach 
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Full Intro To Push Up & Scaling Video:

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