How to Teach the 3 Position Clean

Want to build more powerful athletes? Most coaches would agree that incorporating lifts like the clean is a good start. The clean is an explosive, athletic movement, utilizing the entire body that can drastically increase power output. That being said, it is also a relatively technical movement that requires a good deal of coaching and practice to get fully comfortable with. Athletes with weak form will ultimately hold themselves back from reaching the whole of their potential. They will plateau due to form before a lack of strength, and they will develop inefficient movement patterns that will hold them back elsewhere. As always, we preach better movement above all else, and it is no different here. If you want to maximize output, make sure your athletes are completely comfortable with each piece of the full movement. Here we break down the clean into it’s 3 “Positions” and give you cues to help your athletes get the most out of every lift.

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