Episode 50 – Intro to S&C feat. Trent Clausen

Trent Clausen, Conestoga Jr-Sr High School (NE) 

  • PE Teacher
  • Strength & Conditioning Coordinator
  • Head Football Coach
  • Powerlifting Coach

Chalk Talk – Episode 50 – Intro to S&C feat. Trent Clausen

Every freshman takes Intro to S+C at Conestoga High School with Trent Clausen.

Coach Clausen creates a welcoming environment designed to set students up for long term success.

Check out his article breaking down 5 tips for running an Intro to S+C class. 

Time Stamps: 

Introduction To Trent Clausen (0:00 – 2:08)

  • Every Freshmen at Conestoga – How important that initial introduction is. Helping students feel comfortable and confident in the weight room. (2:08 – 3:20)
  • Instant Activities – Get on your feet and get moving around. Warming up to the class and for class. “Getting out of desk mode” (3:20 – 4:20)
  • Terminology In The Weight Room – Movements Over Muscles – Understanding Joints and Range Of Motion (4:20 – 6:45)
  • Sorting Kids Into Different Groups – Student Choice and Who Needs Help (6:45 – 8:30)
  • Helping With Cues – Always The Hinge – Spinal Movement and Hip Flexion (8:30 – 10:15)
  • Getting Into Olympic Lifts – Force Absorption – Body Moving As One (10:15 – 11:15)
  • What Trent follows as a squat progression (11:15 – 11:45)
  • Determining When It Is Okay To Move On – Does it look safe? (11:45 – 13:20 )
  • Movements Over Maxes – Landmine Progression (13:20 – 15:20)
  • Help Students Understand A Good Program – The End Goal Of Class (15:20 – 17:50)
  • Last Tips and Tricks From Trent (18:30 – 21:10)
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